Homage Neon HNE 5003 5000VA 4200Watt Inverter

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Homage Neon HNE 5003 5000VA/ 4200Watt/ 48VDC/ 230VAC Pure Sine Wave

• 5000VA/ 4200Watt/ 48VDC/ 230VAC Pure Sine Wave
• Ideal for home appliances / office equipment / Motor-based loads
• Wide AC input voltage range which supports Both AC utility and generator
• Up to 98% efficiency under line mode which Results in energy saving
• Strong charging capability which gives flexibility On battery configuration
• Pure sine wave output

Suitable for:

12 Tube Lights or 30 Energy Saver, 12 Fans, 1 Refrigerator (12 Cuft), 1 Split Ac (1 Ton), 1 Washing Machine, Recommended 4 batteries 165AH to 200